A. Basic CIC Form

  • Heater with oval bed (360° rotatable)
  • LCD liquid crystal display with touch function graphic display
  • Inductive observation light
  • Dual transdermal thermometer
  • Two tool trays
  • Measuring Apgar Index (quick assessment and check of the health status of newborns)
  • Infusion column

B. Optional features

  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Measure weight
  • Measure blood oxygen saturation with Masimo . sensor
  • Rehabilitation and nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP)
    • Single-use circuit tools - 3
    • Nose frame sizes S, M, L (breathing oxygen through the nose frame)
    • Medical cap size S, M, L
    • Electric generator used once - 3
  • Chamber with humidifier
  • Utility swivel basket (under the bed) (2Nos.)
  • Cylinder mounting clamp

image Neonatal resuscitation and heating bed - CIC 101 (1.17 MB)