Tracheal balloon manometers are the most accurate solution to pressure measurement and control pressure exerted on the trachea in all clinical examinations.

Compact size, syringe-like design makes it simple and easy for medical professionals to work, including first aid workers, hospital staff, and users in home care environments.


Allows for accurate measurement and reading of ball pressure without loss of pressure during connection

Usage method:

  • Intuitive, simple, easy to use
  • The device operations are similar to existing practices, i.e., connect the cuff to this pressure syringe.
  • Compact size and light weight.
  • Designed as a disposable, cost-effective device.


  • Allows balloon pressure measurement without loss of pressure during connection Allows balloon filling while controlling the amount of inflated air
  • Eliminates the need to apply excessive pressure while measuring pressure......- extremely important for children's use
  • Minimize human error lỗi
  • Recommended for single patient use to reduce risk of cross-contamination.

Applies to many cases:

Suitable for hospital, first aid center and home care use. Provides indication and level of pressure. Suitable for use with endotracheal and tracheal tubes as well as laryngeal masks