Thiết bị phòng thí nghiệm

IV Meditech là nhà phân phối chính thức tại Việt Nam cho các nhà sản xuất và thương hiệu y tế hàng đầu. IV Meditech cung cấp các thiết bị cho phòng thí nghiêm như: EpiLED Module, MagVision Imaging Software, MagCam HD Series Cameras, MagCam DC Series ...

EpiLED Module

LED Fluoresense module for Magnus & Olympus Microscope

Compatible with Olympus CX21, CX22, CX23, CX31, CX41

MagVision Imaging Software

Powerful user-friendly Magnus Pro software comes with tools for lumiance calibration, measurement, image stitching, extending many more

MagCam HD Series Cameras

HD Microscope Cameras with built-in SD

No need for PC. Built in mouse

MagCam DC Series

Microscope Camera with advance CMOS sensors

Available in 3.5.10 and 14 Megapixel


Fixed Magnification stereo microscope

Smooth objective changeover from 2x to 4x


Stereo Zoon Microscope

Zoon Ratio: 17. Partfocality - One time focus for all zoom magnification


Inverted microscope with infinity plan and phase optics

Long working distance optics

Theia-i EpiLed

LED based Fluorescence Microscope

Microscope with built-in LED fluorescense sourse

Theia-I Binocular

Research and Clinical microscope with plan infinity optics

Plan infinity corrected optics

Theia-I Trinocular

Research and Clinical microscope with plan infinity optics

Trinocular head for digital cameras


Education and lab microscopes with Semi-plan optics

High quality SP Achromatic & Plan optics