Mr Shivanshu Kumar
Phone: +84968139905

IV International has been the front-runner in applying innovation at work. This simple philosophy has been the cornerstone of all our processes of work and Business. It has led us to design and deliver contemporary lifestyle statements that have become synonymous with modern market.

IV International is the first choice for our buyers and Business Partners – they strongly recommend our products and services. We are always customer focused which builds trust, confidence, and loyalty. We deliver what the customer needs in terms of value, quality, and satisfaction.We conduct our business fairly with honesty & transparency. We believe that our actions must stand, the test of public scrutiny.We set new standards in our business and transactions and want to be an exemplar for the market.

Văn Phòng Hà Nội

Phòng 1014, Toà Nhà CT13A Ciputra, Quận Tây Hồ, Thành Phố Hà Nội, Vietnam.


Văn Phòng Hồ Chí Minh

Phòng 3, Toà Nhà Nam Phương, 68 Phố Hoàng Diệu, Quận 4, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

Phone: 0978 507 808

Thông Tin Liên Hệ

Điện Thoại: +84437430768
Fax: +84 432121402

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