THERMAL BLANKET : prevent the hypothermia of the patient.

  • Dimension: Extra-long 2.30m fits in all tables
  • Resistance: Very strong. It can be used to transfer from op table to bed.
  • Absorption capacity: it is approximately 4 litres/m2.
  • TRITON have electrical insulation : TRITON®’s blue PE, purple PET or Gold Mylar® layer has high impedance. This gives the patient a high level of electrical insulation.
  • It absorb all liquids to the same degree : TRITON® has been thoroughly tested with irrigation water, saline solution, glycerine solution, blood, urine, plasma and povidone.
  • Non slippery: It can be used in high Trend-Delemburg thanks to its friction rate.
  • Weight: With only 12 microns, reduces storage and rubbish volume.
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